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The Waddington Rehab Center is a 20 bed non-hospital short term and long term inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center. The Waddington Rehab Center is located in the beautiful city of Pittsburgh in the neighborhood of Brookline. Dr. Arif M Rafi MD officially opened our doors in May of 2016 with the goal of helping individuals struggling with addiction. Dr. Rafi has been trying hard over the last few years to cut down pain medication to his patients. He has been offering interventional procedures to his patients, suitable for patients based on diagnosis, such as epidural steroids to nerve blocks to radiofrequency nerve ablations and spinal cord stimulants. He has been successful on many patients, who depend less on prescription medications for pain.

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Our Programs


In-Patient Residential Treatment

We offer a variety of substance abuse treatment services to clients. A comprehensive evaluation will be done to assess the needs of each individual client.


Outpatient Treatment

We offer four locations for outpatient Suboxone treatment for clients for clients needing Suboxone treatment prior to coming into our In-Patient treatment facility.

Relapse Prevention

Relapse Prevention

Readjusting to everyday life after in-patient treatment can be very difficult. During in-patient treatment a post discharge plan with be made with the client.


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: 2681 Waddington Avenue,Pittsburgh, PA, 15226

: Administration Offices call (412)-819-4112

: Client inquiries please call (412)-819-4112

: 412-207-2483

: AMRafi@verizon.net

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