Our Philosophy

All of the staff at Waddington Rehab Center (WRC) shares the core belief that addiction is a treatable disease, not a choice, and recovery is a process that heals mind, body and spirit. The more a person abuses, the more difficult it becomes to live without those substances, and he or she falls into a cycle that can ruin every aspect of life. Addressing the core, underlying issues is a process that allows the roots of the problem to be revealed. WRC provides treatment through medical, psychological, spiritual and holistic means in order to treat the whole person.

At our rehab center we depart from the institutional principle and have created a “therapeutic community” made up of a loving and caring home where our clients disconnect from their addictions and reconnect to a higher presence. Our entire structure – from our beautiful facility, to our delicious food and our compassionate staff support a caring environment where participants are safe to share with other clients and staff members.

Addiction is also a family disease and involving a client’s family in the recovery process is an important part of The Waddington Rehab Center’s drug and alcohol treatment philosophy and programming. Families are encouraged to participate in the treatment process of their family member as well as visit on Family Visit Sunday’s. Our team carries out the initial assessment of the individual, and then designs a personalized plan for a journey toward total life transformation. Our approach to addiction treatment and co-occurring disorders is based on decades of clinical and medical research and time-tested methodologies. Waddington Rehab Center uses a variety of counseling approaches to ensure that the clients are exposed to a balance of professional and self-help options. Clients leave our treatment center with the tools needed to continue their recovery and are encouraged to continue fellowship through the help of 12-step group meetings and classes (e.g. Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous, etc.).

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