About us

The Waddington Rehab Center is a 20 bed non-hospital short term and long term inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center. The Waddington Rehab Center is located in the beautiful city of Pittsburgh in the neighborhood of Brookline. Dr. Arif M Rafi MD officially opened our doors in May of 2016 with the goal of helping individuals struggling with addiction. Dr. Rafi has been trying hard over the last few years to cut down pain medication to his patients. He has been offering interventional procedures to his patients, suitable for patients based on diagnosis, such as epidural steroids to nerve blocks to radiofrequency nerve ablations and spinal cord stimulants. He has been successful on many patients, who depend less on prescription medications for pain.

Still there are patients who found it very difficult to deal with reduced dependency on drugs. Especially those who have poor coping mechanism, emotional issues, lack of family support and social issues. Some of his patients, and a lot from around Western Pennsylvania, are in real need of detoxification followed by rehabilitation. Dr. Rafi thinks he could help more patients in this frustrating situation by establishing an in-patient Rehab Center and using his existing Therapeutic Interventional Pain Center for out-patient Rehab center/counselling and follow ups. . It is already established that the chance of reaming drug free increases if patients stay in long term non-hospital rehab centers for counselling after detox before they go back to their old environment and then followed up with after discharge. All of these encourage Dr. Rafi to establish “Waddington Rehab Center” to reach to an objective goal.

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: 2681 Waddington Avenue,Pittsburgh, PA, 15226

: Administration Offices call 412-207-2186

: Client inquiries please call 412-224-9888

: 412-207-2483

: AMRafi@verizon.net